The world's largest BernARTiner exhibition

More than 100 1.27 meter tall St. Bernard sculptures «BernARTiner» of companies, institutions and private persons will decorate the Swiss capital of Bern from July 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017 for the first time. 

The St. Bernard is famed for tals of heroic mountain rescue. The national dog of Switzerland and Bern, this is not only a love affair since the exhibition «Barry». With his faithful look and imposing presence he has always been an emotional character and has become a landmark of Bern.

The exhibition of the St. Bernard sculptures was initiated by the association «Bern gestaltet» and is a crowd puller. Everyday young and old people and tourists can visit the exhibition for free.

Emotional and colorful meet ups are guaranteed. Numerous pictures of creative St. Bernhard exhibits will go around around the world through posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the Hashtag #BernARTiner.

The charity auction of some St. Bernard sculptures will fulminatly finish the event. The auction proceeds goes to non-profit institutions.

BernARTiner will bring the Swiss capital into the limelight. This is an exceptional state in Bern!


Free App (iOS and Android) with all St. Bernhard exhibits and a scavenger hunt

Humorous BernARTiner rikshaw tour

Moving posts on Social Media channels #BernARTiner